[calltoactionslider] [item title=”In the heart of Chicago” buttontext=”Learn More” buttonurl=”http://digitalhydra.com/about-us”] We love Chicago more than anyone. And we know how to film it. [/item] [item title=”Perfect Images” buttontext=”Learn More” buttonurl=”http://red.com”] We shoot with the best equipment out there to insure that our films stand out. [/item] [item title=”Experience” buttontext=”Learn more” buttonurl=”http://imax.com”] We know what we are doing. Just look at us…we know! [/item] [/calltoactionslider]


Our Services

[columns bordered=”true”][four-columns][iconbox type=”top” icon=”alert” heading=”Creative”]Writing and coming up with ideas. [/iconbox][/four-columns][four-columns][iconbox type=”top” icon=”camera” heading=”Production”]We’ll take care of all of your production needs. [/iconbox][/four-columns][four-columns][iconbox type=”top” icon=”video” heading=”Post”]Editing and Whatnot. [/iconbox][/four-columns][four-columns] [iconbox type=”top” icon=”eye” heading=”VFX”]Making magic with computers. [/iconbox][/four-columns][/columns]


Our Latest Creations

We are constantly making stuff enjoy it.

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[testimonials] [testimonial author=”Allen Key”] The Digital Hydra team is one of the best teams I have ever seen in my life. These guys can film anything. [/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Alex Barr”] They flew a camera on a drone and I almost cried…out of joy. [/testimonial] [/testimonials]



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