In the summer of 2012 we had the privilege of photographing the forthcoming short film “Remote Viewing” starring renowned actor/filmmaker Joe Swanberg and directed by Robert Puccinelli. A “romantic thriller” of sorts, the film focuses on the devolution of a relationship between John, played by Swanberg, and Sissy portrayed by Callie Stephens’. The focus is on perspective and how when relationships get scary, things might not always be as they seem.

The film was shot in August of 2012 with some pickups in late 2012 and early 2013. Digital Hydra provided our camera and a rotating crew of Cinematographers to keep a stylized but consistent look throughout the movie. Patrick Wimp, Hamzah Jamjoom and Ross Heran all acted as DP’s on various days of the shoot based on scheduling constraints. The three DP’s felt they could work in this fashion due to similar sensibilities about what makes a strong image. The film was shot on Digital Hydra’s RED Scarlet in 4K digital capture.

Pat sat in on the final color correction session this past week with acclaimed colorist Bob Sliga. Bob was one of the key developers of Apple’s now defunct Color and has been a colorist on a variety of major motion pictures and TV series. Bob worked in our color session on an off day from working on the TV show “Mind Games” starring Steve Zahn and Christian Slater, currently in production at Chicago’s Cinespace Studios.

With the picture now locked, director Robert Puccinelli has enlisted the capable hands of Rob Davis–one of Digital Hydra’s most beloved collaborators–to bring the mood of the film to life through sound.

With so many incredible pieces in place we are truly excited to see this project move into it’s final steps. As working filmmakers we have trended towards a lot of commercial and music video projects over the past year and it is a treat to see a piece of narrative fiction come to life that we were able to become an instrumental part of. The film has already been submitted to several film festivals and looks to premiere sometime in early 2014.